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Proudly teaching Birth Boot Camp classes in Keller, TX every Friday and Saturday at the Lavender Hill Spa

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From motherhood to doula to childbirth educator!!

Hi, my name is Amber Hoyle and I'm the founder and owner of Kangaroo Birth Services. I started my journey when I became pregnant with my oldest child. I did the typical things that women do when they find out they're expecting, I called my OB, I read What To Expect When You're Expecting about 10 times, and I went to Lamaze classes at the hospital. Yet when the time came and labor and delivery began, I knew nothing! It wasn't for a lack of trying to educate myself, but from having been put through the hospital system without really knowing it. My water was broken, I was given an epidural and Pitocin. My daughter's heart rate plummeted, and I almost had a cesarean. I was given an episiotomy without my permission and I had to have a catheter as a result of the epidural. At the time, I didn't really know what had occurred. I was a first-time mom and I was ignorant in my belief in the system. When my best friend became pregnant, I went to be with her at the hospital,(essentially being her doula without realizing it) and it changed how I saw birth! It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. When I became pregnant with my son, I stumbled upon The business of being born and it brought me to what I had been looking for all along the word "Doula"!  I started reading and watching everything about birth I could find. I changed from my OB to a midwife group and set out for an all-natural water birth. The difference in the care I received during each pregnancy and birth was like night and day! I was treated like a person rather than an invalid with a pocketbook. They were my cheerleaders, and I their champion! I received no epidural, catheter, or episiotomy(and I didn't tear). There's a certain satisfaction in having a natural birth but more importantly, I did everything on my own terms, with knowledge of the pros and cons. Today I go forward with the rhetoric that true power is knowledge, and that certainly rings true in birth! I became a doula in 2017 and I found it to be work that I love but extremely exhausting when you have small children. I then found a wonderful organization that I knew I just had to be apart of... Birth Boot Camp!! I certified as an instructor and now do that full time while I have children at home. Once my children are older I will return to being a doula but until then I'm happy teaching wonderful couples how to have an AMAZING birth.  I have a wonderful husband Daniel, who I've been with for 13 years! We have 3 beautiful children Teyla Kay born 2/10/2011, James Archer 1/14/2015, and C0rdelia Dawn born 12/31/2018.